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> About us


Multiservicios Calvià SL is a company which operates throughout the island of Majorca. It provides all kind of services concerning the building industry, such as
refurbishments and related activities.


Multiservicios Calvià SL includes within a single company the full group of professionals required in order to perform a complete building work.
The company has more than 35 years’ experience in the sector and has been the first to apply the concept of multi-service, also known as `turnkey'. This means, you
don’t need to worry about anything, just wait for your property to be delivered totally finished and in perfectly clean conditions.

This concept implies providing the service of managing the entire construction or rehabilitation process, without incurring any additional costs for the client. This
way, our client succeeds in saving time and money both in the coordination and the completion of the building work, achieving always the satisfactory outcome
guaranteed by a reference company in the sector.

Over the past 35 years, hundreds of building works have been carried out successfully, helping to create and maintain our good image in the island.
In addition, if you are not satisfied with the result, we come back and fix it!



> Why choose Multiservicios Calvià?


We are aware that the satisfaction that provides a job well done develops into a source of comments, recommendations and advices from our clients to their family and
friends, so they place great trust at Multiservicios Calvià. For this reason, we invest considerable time and effort in carrying out the assigned
work in the best possible way.

Over the years, we have confirmed how essential it is to deliver projects with the quality required by our client. However, at Multiservicios Calvià we consider that developing quality works is not only insufficient, but also they need to be carried out as soon as possible, at reasonable prices and offering extra services which provide an added value without overcharging our clients. These free services may seem obvious to you, but we assure they are really difficult to find in our sector. These are
issues such as:







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