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> Building work


Do you want to construct a house or create a business? Many people have trusted in us to construct their home in Mallorca. Would you also like us to construct yours?


The design is an essential part for the final satisfaction of your dwelling. We have many styles in Majorca, from the he traditional villas covered with stone to those of modern and functional design. At Multiservicios Calvià we have developed projects that cover all the styles, always managing a high quality construction which is solid on its foundations and has a really great look.


We can help you build your house, both when you need to purchase a plot or already have entrusted the project to an architect. Thanks to our building experience, we know the technical and legal procedures required in housing construction.

Once the permissions to build have been given, we take charge of the development of the work. Besides, the knowledge acquired throughout all these years are placed at your disposal, and so are our specialized equipment and of course our totally qualified labour.

Interaction between our clients and us is fluid and constant during the entire process, especially in the election of the materials and the elements of design. This way, the owner gets exactly what he really wants and is ompletely satisfied with the result.







> Complete improvements


If you are thinking about improving your house or business and you want us to take part in the project, contact us. We are delighted to work with you and offer you our services. Quality, design, advice and the best service are guaranteed!

Whether you have a very clear idea of what you need or you would like to hear proposals, you can trust a company with more than 35 years’ experience carrying out improvements of all kinds. Moreover, we can also offer you the so important part of decoration, adjusting to your style and contributing useful ideas by our interior designer.

Floors, bathrooms and kitchens are some of the most common elements when it comes to breathing new life to your house; either due to deterioration, degradation of materials or because the design is obsolete. Some owners also choose to completely change the distribution by enlarging the rooms, rearranging decoration or creating new
spaces, what leads to a totally renewed house.

Whatever the improvement you need, you can rely on Multiservicios Calvià.




















> Maintenance of properties


Our `Welcome home' service is especially interesting for those who have their habitual residence outside Majorca and only come to the island on holiday or for short periods of time.

The standard service includes a visit every two weeks, which is aimed at controlling the safety in the house, entilating it, making sure there are no damages in doors or windows, checking leaks and/or dampness in ceilings and walls and also the electricity and water flows.

Storms are not frequent in Majorca; nevertheless, we carry out an additional visit after each storm in order to verify the condition of the house due to the higher risk of damages to your property.

If you wish, we can send you by email the photos taken in each visit, so you can personally check the condition of your house in Majorca.


In addition, you can order some other services related which can be very useful:


  • Cleaning before, during and after your/your guests stay.
  • Technical and chemical maintenance of your swimming pool so it is perfect

before your arrival.

  • Garden and plants maintenance according to the season.
  • Payment of taxes and supplies.
  • Laundry service.
  • Baby-sitting service by special reliable staff.


We can also help you for free with the following tasks:


  • Shopping list so you can have in your fridge everything you need when you


  • Advice on beaches and places to visit.
  • Restaurants bookings.
  • Car hire.


In one word, a complete service to make your stay on the island more enjoyable.



> Plumbing


Do your taps, toilets or showers need to be changed? With the new tap, sink or washbasin designs you can provide your kitchen or bathroom with a new and different image, apart from having a renovated and modern facility at your disposal carried out by accredited professionals.

Do your pipes need to be changed because of time or leakage? Do they have little pressure? Are there leakages or have they become clogged? Unfortunately, most of the situations where plumbing services are required occur because of problems and failures.

For any kind of problem in the water flow system, contact Multiservicios Calvià. We will mend it quickly and efficiently.




> Electrical work


Correct lighting has important effects both on the aesthetics in inhabited areas and in the energy consumption or the environmental comfort of your dwelling. Therefore, these works are part of our advisory service about the different lighting systems from efficient illumination, as well as their installation by our professionals.


We also renew distribution boards, ICP facilities (which are currently compulsory) or wire renovation for houses, business and buildings, adapting them to the regulation in force, according to the delegation of industry in the Balearic Islands.

Our electricians have a really good training and are qualified to certify with theirsignature and their license number any work carried out in order to fulfil all legal requirements.


> Painting


The quality in the paint and in the painter is of crucial importance to achieve long term results. We work with the best materials and have the best professionals to get really satisfactory results.


We carry out painting of the facades or internal walls, with the most avant-garde effects to give your house a pleasant and innovative style.


> Insulations


Heat insulations, soundproofing, glazing balconies or any other open space with a double-glazing in a heat chamber.

For some years, the improvement consisting in the glaze of terraces, balconies or porches has proliferated. This work is aimed at enlarging the house taking advantage of those areas which were not regularly used.

Enlarge your house taking advantage of the m2 which are scarcely used!





> Design


Interior design with a fixed base. Modern, minimalist or rustic designs. If you chose a modern work design instead of the traditional design, the range of possibilities is wide and appealing. There is a great variety of materials for all tastes and styles, creating a unique and exclusive combination.

This type of decoration basis time better and so there is less deterioration and the aesthetic quality increases. Cleaning is also easier because of the higher resistance of materials to traditional chemicals. It is particularly indicated to those people who can’t stand having the same decoration as other houses they have visited.

Have a look at our results to be convinced!



> Carpentry


Another important aspect in the decoration and comfort of your house are the elements made of:

Wood: doors, closets, parquet or customized kitchens are some of the essential components of a house. All the wooden elements, whether they have a rustic or a modern appearance, can be entrusted to Multiservicios Calvià.

Aluminum and PVC: Frames, windows and external doors made of aluminium resist better the erosion caused by atmospheric phenomena. This service is obviously included at Multiservicios Calvià too.

Multiservicios Calvià provides you with all you need!


> Pools


Having a swimming pool in Majorca is one of the most desired and accessible pleasures. There are several kinds of pools, different materials, lighting and maintenance systems which require an expert opinion to make you enjoy the best your swimming pool.

We can handle the design and materials of your new swimming pool, and all the work until it is completely ready for you to have a good time!





It is something lots of people dream of. You can ask for advice on the different types and prices of spas. You will be surprised!

The range in the offers for spas is really wide these days: from those prefabricated which require a small area and a simple installation, to those customized where your imagination is the only limit.

Can you imagine having a spa in your house in Majorca?


> Courtyards and gardens


If there is a courtyard or garden in your property, you can choose between several alternatives: from a garden with grass, plants and flowers to a rustic courtyard, fountains, porches or paths. Each of them is somehow charming and requires a different dedication in terms of maintenance.

Anyway, at Multiservicios Calvià we will be happy to provide you with the courtyard or garden of your dreams.





























> ITE (Building Technical Inspection)


Since Multiservicios Calvià is a building company, the service of building technical inspection is not directly provided, as it would mean a conflict of interests. However, if it is your wish, we can introduce you to independent professionals who have our total trust to carry out the inspection and the subsequent report.

In the event of receiving an unfavourable report that legally forces to carry out a building work, we will be happy to give back to the property the aesthetic and security levels needed.


Relevant information about the ITE


ITE is a compulsory inspection to buildings in the municipality of Palma based on their date of construction. The goal is to check its security status and it will be necessary to make it in those buildings which are more than 25 years old, whether they are houses, business premises, offices or industries.

The Community is responsible for the inspection in houses or premises which are part of a legally established Property Owners' Association.

Deadlines to carry out the technical inspection in the buildings are:

-Buildings erected before 1900 and/or recorded.......until December 31st 2009

-Buildings between 1900 & 1910.................................until December 31st 2010

-Buildings between 1911 & 1930.................................until December 31st 2011

-Buildings between 1931 & 1940.................................until December 31st 2012

-Buildings between 1941 & 1950.................................until December 31st 2013

-Buildings between 1951 & 1960.................................until December 31st 2014

-Buildings between 1961 & 1965.................................until December 31st 2015

-Buildings between 1966 & 1970.................................until December 31st 2016

-Buildings between 1971 & 1980.................................until December 31st 2017

-Buildings between 1981 & 1993.................................until December 31st 2018


Building Technical inspection, which includes a review of the following elements of the building:

 Status of the structure and the foundations.
 Status of internal and external frontages.
 Status of decks and flat roofs.

What if the ITE is favourable?

In the event that, according to the architect who signs the report, the building is in good conditions, the ITE turns out to be favourable and the owners will not be forced to make any improvements. The file will be kept in the City Council until the next inspection is carried out, in 10 years.

What if the ITE is not favourable?

If the ITE turns out to be unfavourable, then this is stated in the report; the pathologies found are described, as well as their seriousness and solution. The City Council together with the competent technician settle an approximate period of time based on the danger that those anomalies involve so as to carry out the repairs in the building.



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